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I ate a nice meal first with the prostitutes kiev. The goddamn plane is flying. Her new love, the husband of the other, the new one, the husbands, the love, the affairs, the life, the difficulties of life, the idea of ​​salads at the table.

After the meal, the search for prostitutes kiev music started. I decided to go to the bar I work. Yesterday evening the kiev escort was on the stage, we had fun, we were comfortable. You can have fun without disturbing anyone, the ukraine escorts is your first choice. Anyway, I called, made a reservation, we went, we sat.

We both listen to music and chat. prostitutes kiev is comfortable, of course, they hit the bottom of the bottle, how I am with them, zero alcohol, I drive the car, they can get drunk. Well, I am a little strong woman, if it spills too much, it will take my back. The next day, I will pay all the penalty for that, it is separate!

Anyway, in the late hours of the evening, a guy with black, fat, handsome, posh, beautifully dressed dancers (one of my daughters, I got up and played) I would point out to the waiters that I looked at the prostitutes kiev shaking hands and smiling. I said okay, no problem, so they met. They spoke for 5 minutes on foot, and our face comes with a slight confused smile. ukraine escorts I sat there and said that when I asked who he was, he did not remember, that his face did not seem foreign, but he could not find out he knew it.

So far, no problem. We did not notice, however, when we were closed, telling each other a slight shout about the music because of the noise. The gentleman came by our side and was standing right behind us. He heard us all talk. A sentence echoed in the middle of the bar saying, "You have a prostitutes kiev with you!" This sound was normally unheard of, and if the song had not been completed at the time, this sentence incidentally entered the moment of a few seconds gap the audience was ready to applaud the audience with the end of the song.

All the customers left the applause and they started looking at us. I am not the valhalla my heart, even though they came to cry that they were sleeping, but I could not. Of course there was no such thing as to tell the man that much. It was loud because of the music and a bit of anger. prostitutes kiev scenes people are prepared for such situations, they immediately entered the other song. Since nobody was sober at that time, the heads went back to the scene and we tore. At least I think so. The ukraine escorts is gone. I did not know if I was good or crying.

I realized that you still can not remember the expression on your face. I laughed. This issue has been the subject line of the reel for the next few years. In the meantime, prostitutes kievgeri residents came to my mind and began to interrogate.

The night is over. prostitutes kiev we have returned to our homes. The next day the phone was full of long laughs and rumors of the night were made. I do not have a slight sullenness in me, my lecture is a lie. Is it possible to forget a man you really slept with? Criticism is not my business. It is not right to criticize someone like me, fish memorized and quickly forgotten. But human thinking is really tragic-funny, maybe you will not find it, but it must be too bad not to remember even when it comes to the guy. I am laughing at this story, I do not know if I can cry, but I am the most disappointed man. I put it in its place, if a woman with you did not remember you, either very stupid, or Alzheimers, or her list is too crowded If none of them is, it means that one night that is worth remembering is not experienced. And I think the man is so upset that its the last thing I said.

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ukraine escorts This habit spreading in Rome is one of the few days that almost all the world has in common. Although it is the most sublime feeling that has ever existed since the world began, I think it is very nice to set a day. So I call it "Birthday of Love" on 14 February. Thank you prostitutes kiev! The Day of Love is a bit disturbing for those who are not lovers. You do not have to be a lover to celebrate this special day. I would like to celebrate February 14 with the ukraine escorts. What is important to me is that there is still love and love on earth! Someone believes in, loves, falls in love. Love is still alive kiev prostitutes! This is the part that interests me and is wor...

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At first he was worried about the place of self-reliance. In the escort kiev mustache smile, the fear of not liking you was hidden. I turn my head again, wait for the moment I turn back and say excitement! Well, who are you? Your neck was not obvious you sit. I have not looked at the other side of his eyes anyway. Here, after that, I started a game in which I was going to have a strange flirtation with you, against you. That part of me, hidden in every woman, appeared. I looked again and wanted to see what I was looking at this time. I studied the face of escort kiev, and as far as I can see, I was nervous about the mask that closes the type, the clothes and the shoe. What did you wear...

I have a name! kiev escort

Knowing that the more I lean on the kiev escort, the more I need it, the less I fall. I live in a ry even the cry is equal to helplessness. No name of your ry. We can meet you every. A lawyer in a courtroom, a pavilion singer kiev escort. I have make-up on my face, and a smile on my lips. I have blood nets, I can not be certain. You live in my ry like a fist at any moment. You will always look after the back. If you fall, you will rise, you will not rise much already. People will stand like a wall in front of you. You will not do so much, you will not forget over time. First you will not forget to love the kiev escort. You burn when you give your heart in this ry. Who is the most painfu...