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I have a name! kiev escort

Knowing that the more I lean on the kiev escort, the more I need it, the less I fall. I live in a ry even the cry is equal to helplessness. No name of your ry. We can meet you every. A lawyer in a courtroom, a pavilion singer kiev escort. I have make-up on my face, and a smile on my lips. I have blood nets, I can not be certain. You live in my ry like a fist at any moment. You will always look after the back. If you fall, you will rise, you will not rise much already. People will stand like a wall in front of you. You will not do so much, you will not forget over time.

First you will not forget to love the kiev escort. You burn when you give your heart in this ry. Who is the most painful race, as if the first one has a medal. You will burn those who are good because of evil. You will never make mistakes. Faults, wander around like a fingerprint The environment is like a spoon out of milk. You will not have great joys or big laughs. Either you will sell for a very expensive price, but your name will be "lady" at the end or you will bloom without breathing.

Youll always be alone in this ry, kiev escort. No one will know except a few friends. It will not be a problem anyway. But you are not so unsolvable, of course. For example, if you play the idiot role nicely, someone will pick you up, stretch your feet all day watching television. You can be a favorite if you believe that it is helpless alone and even incapable of changing bulbs. I do not like strong women, people in my nameless ry. It mustve been one of your smaller ones. This sentence leads to a temporary ego in the sentence, and the remaining one is a huge zero. If you look at the empty streets, its dark at night.

I told you, you will not forget kiev escort. If you will throw it in, you will stop your heart, which will sometimes come out of your body. If youre lucky like me, youll cry in your songs. You will hang the rebellion, pain, laughter, and sorrow between your notes. Nobody will understand, but you will bind. It is not a feeling, it is just the opposite, the only place you can scream without anyone hearing.

Sometimes we all spend ourselves in big exams. It happens so often in my ry, forget yourself. Your identity, what is it, your life! Sometimes you leave even your honor in places like that, but in fact you are fighting for it. Youre gonna be patient! You will believe that all the landings are an outcome. You will be so tired that the cigarette you drink will hurt every breath of your lungs. You will look at your eyes at the same time, you will not find yourself most of the time. The battle for survival, survival will be ahead of your womanhood. You will forget the naivety, the feelings, the need to put your head on one shoulder kiev prostitutes. If the head is on your own shoulders, what are you going to do, or youll stick it in your soul. Then you will be ashamed of what you will be proud of, then you will be ashamed to burn the most of this day.

You will not be good intentions kiev escort. They misunderstand. A sound comes out of gold, you will break. Youll find the middle of everything. They will not know youre hungry, you will pretend to be fed with lobster at home. Your fur will stand on your shoulder while you are sitting at home. The arm will break, so you will even carry the new one in your pocket.

I do not know how life goes on around you ukraine escorts. These are the rules of my ry. But there are also some things that I proudly carry with me. My happiness, my silence, my tiredness, my screams, my falling and taking off, my reverence, my loneliness, my true friendships, my memories, my longings, my secrets, my flesh, my dreams, my anger, my anger and most important step. Im stubbornly struggling to lose. Because I have a name. Woman!